Cherish it.

Memories are a series of moments.
Bring them back in your life.

Stay flexible.

Hang your best shots on the wall or let them brighten your desk.

Gift it.

Share that great moment with your friend or beloved one.

We take care to deliver it for you.

Lush quality.

Plexicon™ lets you connect through Instagram
to order acrylic glass photo prints.
Your photos look incredible covered by crystal clear protective layer.

It’s that simple.

Download Plexicon app to your iPhone, log in with your Instagram account and pick photos you took , liked or your friends posted to Instagram.

Tap Checkout whenever you’re ready to order.

Secure packaging.

We took time to design a safe, robust and environmentally friendly packaging.

Each Plexicon is packaged in a separate box which is ready to be gifted straight away.